Monday, November 1, 2010

weirdest campaign stop ever

Last night, Governor Rendell and Democratic Candidate for Governor Dan Onorato stopped at Henry David's Halloween Party. This party, which has been a Philadelphia tradition since 1968, ends the night with a contest for best transgendered male and female costume. Rendell and Onorato shook hands and patiently posed for pictures with nearly all of the 2000 mostly gay attendees.
For the night at least, Rendell and Onorato got a free pass for appearing with serial killers, pirates gangsters, hookers, and Playboy bunnies. They had the pleasure of greeting a male Marie Antionette, a new super hero Robocock, and the blue Navis from Avatar.
Onorato said, "I am crisscrossing the state for the last two days. It all depends on turnout now." When I asked Rendell what he does to stimulate voter turnout, he answered, "We are here, aren't we?"
Onorato had such a good time that he promised to come back next year. Onorato's Republic opponent, Tom Corbett, for sure, would never be caught dead at the party.

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  1. No pictures? GRRRRR! I live for this kind of stuff!