Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The new world order according to Durbin

On a recent campaign trip to Philadelphia, the self- effacing Senator Durbin fears that nothing will be accomplished in the next session of Congress. He said, “It was hard to get anything done when we had 60 Democratic votes in Congress,” he noted. “After Scott Brown’s election to the Senate from Massachusetts, we had to secure the vote of a moderate Republican such as Sue Collins and George Voinovich to pass any legislation. Looking at the Republicans that could be elected to Congress in November, the tea baggers in particular, I just do not know if we will be able to work with them.”

Durbin continued, “Maybe Lindsay Graham will work with us on climate change. John McCain, before he ran for the Senate this time, would have helped us with immigration reform. Let’s hope he will do so again.”

Could the next session of Congress boast of being the nothing accomplished Congress?

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