Sunday, June 26, 2011

Buffett's moving tribute to Big Clarence

Jimmy Buffett led the crowd in the singing of "Glory Days" as a moving tribute to Clarence Clemons.

Cheesesteak in Paradise

Jimmy Buffett sang "Cheeseburger in Paradise" before a picture of Geno's Steak! While Jimmy does not have a voice anymore, the concert was a good time. He appeared on stage barefoot. Concert goers wore grass skirts,leis, and Hawaiian shirts.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Status of Sixers' Sale

I checked in tonight with Comcast founder Ralph Roberts and Comcast-Spectacor honcho Fred Shabel at the Rittenhouse Square Ball about the status of the Sixers's possible sale.

Ralph Roberts said,"The Sixers will be sold. They are losing money."

Fred Shabel, Snider's right hand man, said, "We are in negotiations." He declined to name a point man for the sale, but emphasized that Comcast was involved. "There are financial, legal and operational people on the negotiating team."This indicates to me that the negotiations are advanced.

He also declined to say why the negotiations are taking so long.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Alec Baldwin Not Running for NYC Mayor

Alec Baldwin, the popular actor on NBC's "30 Rock," is not running for Mayor.I checked with his closest work associate, who would only confirm off the record. He just likes the attention. He knows how easy it is to jerk Richard Johnson at the Daily around.

Alec does not pay New York City Wage Tax. He is registered to vote in Armagannasset, Long Island.

Josh Harris No Mark Cuban

Josh Harris, who is in Asia on business right now, has expressed an interest in buying the Philadelphia basketball team, the Seventy-Sixers. Philly fans, who are hoping for owner similar to Mark Cuban will be disappointed. I have talked to his partners at Apollo Global Investment Management. They say that he has no plans to lighten his workload. According to his partners, Harris works a 60 hour work week and travels 50% of the time.

I have also talked to David Blitzer's partners at Blackstone. They say that he is a stand up guy, but has not plans to return from London.

When Ed Snider was is in New York for the NHL meetings, he did not meet with Harris.

It is apparent to most Philly fans that Snider has always favored the Flyers over the Sixers. I checked the facebook page of one of his children that is closed to the public. They wrote, "Fan of the Flyers," but did not mention the Sixers.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brady Does Not Want Street to Run

During the AIPAC convention, I had a chance to stop by Congressman Bill Brady's office. Brady, who is the head of the Democratic party in Philadelphia, made it clear that he does not want John Street to run as an Independent for Mayor. He said, "If Street runs, all it will do is cause chaos. He had his 8 years, let Nutter have his."
This is not a surprising statement for Brady since he is a party man.