Monday, November 1, 2010

FLOTUS coming

First Lady Michelle Obama will headline a rally on November 1 at the
campus of the University of Pennsylvania. She will appear at Perelman
Quadrangle, 3417 Spruce, at 7 pm. The doors open at 5 30. Michelle
Obama, with a 65% approval rating among all Americans in the latest
poll from CNN/Opinion Research, will favorably impact the Democrats'
Get out the Vote effort.
The President and First Lady have both been to Philadelphia in the
last days of the election because the polls indicate that the
Sestak-Toomey race could be the closest Senate race in the country.
The Obamas are pulling out all the stops to ensure Sestak's victory.
Democratic staffers say they do not want to wake up Wednesday morning
and discover that one more visit could have produced victory
especially in light of Toomey's staunch conservative platform. As we
all know, a Democratic victory in Pennsylvania is dependent on turnout
in Philadelphia, which the high profiles are designed to stimulate.
Republican operatives say that they will large stay silent about the
First Lady's trip to Philadelphia due to her respectable standings
among both Republicans and Independents. They are just relieved that
the rally starts after the six o'clock news the day before the

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