Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Mark Wahlberg Made An Honorary Philadephian

Mayor Michael Nutter made actor Mark Wahlberg an honorary Philadelphian before the Philadelphia screening of "Broken City". Nutter said, "Wahlberg has made 5 movies here. (He proceeded to name them.) No other actor or director has made that many movies here."

Let's hope Philadelphia native Bradley Cooper is already plotting how he will become the actor that has made the most films here.

Walhberg said, "Philadelphians are nice. If people in my native Boston were as nice, I would visit there more often."

Wahlberg made the film's director Allan Hughes an honorary cousin of Philadelphia. Hughes is holding the proclamation given to Wahlberg.

Now that he is a Philadelphian, Wahlberg did what natives do. He began meddling in local politics. He suggested that the director of the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, Sharon Pinkenson run for mayor.

"Broken City" takes many unexpected twists and turns. Russell Crowe should be nominated for an Oscar for his role as a corrupt mayor.

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