Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hugh Jackman Wows at the Academy Ball

Tonight was the 156th Philadelphia Orchestra Academy Ball, which benefits the Orchestra and the Academy of Music. Globe Globe winner Hugh Jackman, who will probably win the Oscar for his performance in "Les Miserables". was the special guest star.

He sang a beautiful rendition of  "Oh, What A Beautiful Morning". When Jackman performed a Peter Allen number with the Philadelphia Boys Choir in honor of yesterday's Australia Day, he unfurled the Australian flag on stage. Naturally, he performed a number from "Les Miserables." Last night, it was the first time he sang any of the "Les Miserables" songs with an orchestra. He dedicated "Soliloquy" from "Carousel" to his dad.

"Singers rarely get to sing with an 18 piece orchestra let alone a 75 piece orchestra," said Jackman. "I sang on the set of "Les Miserable with a transistor like device in my ear that had a piano playing nearby."

As a tribute to the orchestra, he recited the first names of all 75 member of the orchestra. (There are 6 Davids.) He called the Philadelphia Orchestra, "the world's greatest orchestra" several times during the night.

The personal movie star acted like a native. Being a big soccer fan, he wiped Yanick's brow with a Philadelphia Union T shirt. He danced with Pennsylvania's First Lady, Susan Corbett during "Mack the Knife"and kissed Academy of Music president, Joanna Lewis.

Of course, there were the obligatory Philly cheesesteak jokes. His young daughter Ava brought him one on stage."

Cole Hamel of the Phillies and his wife Heidi also briefly graced the stage. They attended the Young Friend's Ball. Heidi said, 'It was their first ball."

The Hamels thanked the Philadelphia Orchestra and Academy of Music for preserving the cultural heritage for their children

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