Monday, August 27, 2012

The Eagles Hammed It Up at Flight Night

Everyone, including the players, the 26,000 fans, the Swoop, Eagles cheerleaders, grieving Andy Reid, and the newly divorced owners, had fun at Sunday's Philadelphia Eagles Flight Night. Only part of the fun was on the playing field. 

This year, the players hammed it up for the fans. Jason Kelce trotted on the field with a coonskin cap. Chad Hall break-danced and back flipped to win my vote for best touchdown dance. DeSean Jackson first posed with his bobble heads and then shook his bootie and everything else to the delight of the crowd to come in second in the touch dance competition. The night ended with a spectacular display of fireworks. 

Since Jason Kelce, who is from Ohio, was wearing a coonskin camp, I stupidly asked if he was  from the West. 

Julian Vandervele opened the festivities with a beautiful rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He later said, "This was the biggest crowd that I have sung before. When Obama came through Iowa as a candidate, I sang for him. There were 7000 people there, which is a big deal for Iowa. I also got a chance to meet Hilary during the campaign."

Some players work hard on the field.

All of the proceeds from Flight Night go to the Eagles Youth Partnership. A $20 adult ticket underwrites the cost of eyeglasses for a kid who would otherwise not be able to afford them. The $12 child ticket price buys 5 books for a child; sometimes the first books he or she owns. 

One unique characteristic of the Eagles Youth Partnership is that they use children's love of football to help children help themselves. While a child might be reluctant to wear glasses because he thinks they will make him look nerdy, he will treasure the glasses                                                  
                                                                                    given to him by the Eagles. 

Owner Jeffrey Lurie threw mini footballs to the crowd. Young fans clamored for his autograph even taking off their shirts for him to sign. 

The team might be worth a billion dollars but Lurie can't throw for shit. 

In general, the Luries avoided each other on the sidelines. 

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