Friday, August 24, 2012

Ed Snider Luring NBA Franchise to Virginia Beach

Ed Snider with daughter Lindy at the opening gala of the Barnes Collection
I have confirmed that Comcast-Spectacor is going to announce on Tuesday that he is building a new sports arena in Virginia Beach. They are in advanced negotiations to lure a NBA franchise there. Comcast-Spectacor CEO Ed Snider, who is 78 years old, has opened more businesses this year, including Xfinity Live, than most people do in a lifetime. Where does he got the energy?

There is no reason for Flyers fans to worry. Snider has no need to cut the Flyers payroll. He is got plenty of money. 

Virginia Beach sports fans are lucky to have Snider building in their town. He knows how to build a first class operation. 


  1. Are there enough full time residents in the area to support a major sports team? I thought that most people that visited that area were there for Vacations in Virginia and not really for anything else. I will say that Snider can run a team fairly well, although he dumped his ownership of the 76ers last year since they had been floundering for years.