Thursday, March 15, 2012

Documents that Show Rendell and MEK Politicos Are Being Slimed

I have received a group of documents that shed a different light on the politicians helping the Iranian dissident group MEK (Mujahideen el-Khalq)

The first two documents are the American government promise of protection given to each individual MEK member if he disarmed. The first guarantee was given to Amir Khairy and signed by Vicente Perez CDR, the official representative of the Multi National Forces-Iraq. The second was given to Emami Hanif and signed by Harold Dunning, USN. While some have accused the MEK of being a cult, the United States Government will not be able to negotiate future cease fires if they do not keep their word to the MEK.

An update: Khairy and Hanif were killed by Iraqi soldiers even though the American government swore to protect them.

The third document is a letter from Major General Miller, deputy commander of the multinational forces in Iraq, reiterating the US government promise that MEK members are protecting under the Geneva convention.

Some have speculated that the Treasury Department has opened this investigation because of a looming court of appeals deadline. When you see this court order, it is hard not to be suspicious of the timing. As Special Agent Gibbs always says on NCIS, I don't believe in coincidences.

This is a standard form given to every MEK member that renounced violation. In the second paragraph, I linked to two forms that were actually signed by a MEK member and an official representative of the multinational forces.


You are being offered your release from control and protection in exchange for
your promise to comply with certain conditions. In exchange for your promises, you will be
released from Multi-National Forces-Iraq control and protection as soon as reasonably

Please read the Agreement below. If you agree to abide by these terms, then sign
your name at the bottom of the page.


I, ________________________________, knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily enter into
this Agreement with Multi-National Forces-Iraq. I agree to the following:

a. I reject participation in, or support for terrorism.

b. I have delivered all military equipment and weapons under my control or

c. I reject violence and I will not unlawfully take up arms or engage in any hostile
act. I will obey the laws of Iraq and relevant United Nations mandates while residing
in this country.

I understand that I will be free to leave and to return home when viable disposition
options become available. I understand that some of these disposition options include:
return to my nation of origin; admission to a third country; application to the Ministry of
Displacement and Migration for continued residency in Iraq, or application to
international organizations such as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
I agree to cooperate with Multi-National Forces-Iraq while these disposition options are
pursued. I agree to remain under the protection of Multi-National Forces-Iraq at Camp
Ashraf until these options are completed. If I violate any terms of this Agreement, I may
be subject to prosecution or internment, and administrative sanctions. I promise to
scrupulously comply with my Agreement.


MNF-Iraq Representative






  1. Thank you!! I love your critical questioning of this matter. You're absolutely right to say that the timing of all these attacks against politicians like Rendell is of no coincidence either.

    I encourage you to also look at and, where much more facts and addressed allegations exist. Thanks again for bringing us back to reality. The people who were actually there (i.e. military, MNFI, residents, etc) maintain the credibility to provide opinions on the MeK and Camp Ashraf.

  2. This is a dirty and shameful propaganda warfare surely orchestrated by the dictatorial regime affiliated lobbyists in America and elsewhere to disgrace and silence great personalities such as Ed Rendell and others who defend the legitimate resistance of MEK against the terrorist regime of the Mullahs in Iran. I condemn strongly this absurd and very filthy demonising machinery. I advice the writers of this type of article to come to sense and instead of siding with the tyrants and act as advocate of devil come to the right side of history. Adolph Hitler and his Minister of Information Gobles used the same tactics to defame and silence the anti Nazists forces. Stop this shameful conspiracy. We the Iranian victims are proud of Mr. Rendell and the army of other great humane and conscientious personalities who support the voiceless people of Iran . We commend you Governor Rendell. Please do not give up. Iran and Iranians are all proud of you!
    Hamid Taherzadeh Ph.D