Monday, July 4, 2011

Comcast Not Adding Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera English (AJE) launched a campaign to be added to cable lineups in the United States. The pressure from the Jewish community has apparently scared off Comcast.

A veteran Israel activist told me that senior management at Comcast promised him that Al Jazeera would never be added to the cable line up except where it all is. Comcast viewers in Washington DC can see AJE.

When I asked Al Jazeera's Molly Conroy's for the station's response, she said, "How can Comcast decide they will never put a 4 year old station on the air?

Their official statement came from Al Anstey, head of AJE-
"We know there is significant demand for access to Al Jazeera English in the US. Over the last weeks, we have received more than 20,000 emails from Comcast subscribers across the country asking for access to the channel. Our conversations with Comcast are ongoing and we are hopeful we will reach an agreement to launch in the near future."

Comcast spokesman John Demming, who needs to chill, hyperventilated in his denial that any decision about adding AJE has been made.

My answer to him was that I stand by my reporting.


  1. It is too bad that Comcast is not putting Al Jazeera on their packages. I love my provider/employer DISH Network because I get that channel and so many more. I love that DISH Network has a variety of channels and packages to choose from. They have several international channels as well. Check out a comparison of all the companies on

  2. I currently have Comcast Cable in Philadelphia, PA. Have you contacted them recently about this?