Monday, October 4, 2010

Rendell as Obama's Chief of Staff? part two

To follow up to my last post, Rendell told Al Hunt on Bloomberg television this weekend that the only job in Washington that he would take in Washington was to be Obama's chief of staff. His comments might have cost him the job.
My sources in the White House and on the Vice President's staff just laughed. One said," He has real chutzpah going on national television applying for the job. He may be on journalist's wish list but the Obama White House did not previously approach him about the job and now never will.
But having said that, if wanted another job in Washington, he would be considered because he is, after all, Ed."
Rendell went on television because he wants a job, just not the chief of staff job.
Lewis Katz, a close confidant of the governor's said, "The governor told me that there was no way he would take the job as chief of staff."
Another friend of the governor's told me that Rendell is talking to the press because he wants a media contract when his term of office is over. "It is driving him crazy that Eliot Spitzer, who was forced to resign the NY governorship in disgrace over sex with a prostitute, has a show on CNN starting this week."

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