Friday, October 1, 2010

Rendell as Obama's Chief of Staff

I got a chance to catch with Ed Rendell at the opening for the revamped Lights of Liberty Show. (BTW, it is fantastic.)
Both the New York Times and the website Politico put Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on the short list of candidates to replace Emanuel as chief of staff. When Rendell was asked if he would consider the position, he made it clear that was not interested in the job. “ I am not interested in working for someone. The timing is bad. I am committed to finishing my term as governor,” he said. “I am rooting for Governor Kaine gets the job.”
He added, After leaving office, I am going to write a book, give speeches, continue talking about sports for Comcast, and heading up Building America’s Future, the organization that I founded with Schwarzenegger and Bloomberg. But none of these activities pay much or not all so I need to earn money.”
He shrugged his shoulders when asked about returning to the law.

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