Monday, March 18, 2013

Preview Obama's Tour of Israeli Companies

While you might not be accompanying President Obama on Air Force One to Israel, you can preview the special exhibit, "Israeli technology For A Better World" that Obama will see at the Israel Museum during his visit on March 21.

The companies included in the exhibit are:

Phinergy, whose slogan is "The Future Is In the Air," has designed a battery that is powered by aluminum and air. It has three times the range of existing batteries. 

In this video, you can see the car speeding down the highway.


Mobieleye programs prevents traffic collisions by detecting and loudly warning about dangerous situations such as other cars traveling too close, pedestrians, or the auto itself veering into the oncoming traffic lane. If the warning remains unheeded, the system is designed to brake the car if necessary. BMW, GM, Ford, and Volvo have already installed the system in 1 million cars. By 2014, Euro-NCAP will list it as a standard feature.


The ReWalk exoskeleton suit with motorized legs allows paraplegics, such as Artie on "Glee," to walk.


MinDesktop's headsets are controlled by brain waves or facial movements. Thus allowing the physically handicapped to operate a computer.

Robot Snake

The snake robot special design, which includes computers sensors in every joint, allows it to enter collapsed buildings to gather intelligence for rescue crews. It assists in finding trapped persons and ways to safely enter the building.


ElMindA'S Brain Network Activation Platform allows scientists to measure many of the brain's activities noninvasively.

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