Monday, November 12, 2012

Sixers Owner Marc Leder Fathers Love Child

Sixers Owner Marc Leder can't seem to stay out of the headlines. The host of the fundraiser where Romney made his infamous 47% remark acknowledged today the existence of a 10 month old daughter by a paramour that he had a tempestuous relationship with. (You can not make this stuff up.)

The spokesman for Leder, the multi-millionaire founder of Sun Capital, sent over this statement. 

“I became the proud parent of a beautiful little girl last January with my former girlfriend of a year. We maintain a close relationship, and are committed to raising our daughter jointly.”

Sources close to Leder say that he deliberately hid the existence of his love child while he was actively campaigning for the family values party. Even after the 47% debacle, he introduced then Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan at a swanky fundraiser at the St. Andrews country club in Boca Raton before the last presidential debate. 

Leder resisted giving much of his fortune to his baby mama. The New York Post has reported that he is providing them an apartment on W. 57th Street. 

I am much to polite to suggest that if Leder supported the party that advocated for insurance coverage for birth control that he would not be in this mess. 

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