Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"Entourage" Creator Doug Ellin Discusses Upcoming Movie

A unshaven, casually dressed Doug Ellin, creator of "Entourage," discusses the upcoming "Entourage" movie during a talk sponsored by the Rudman Institute at the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design of Drexel University. He just finished the script for the movie two days ago. He expects the movie to start filming in May. If they are lucky, the movie will be shown the following summer.

"The movie will be similar to seasons one and two - lots of pot smoking and sex."

He expressed his frustration at working with HBO. He only made $50,000 during the two and half years that   "Entourage" was in development.

"I must have written 70 drafts for the script of the pilot. They kept dangling carrots. We like page 8 or this line," he recalled.

He reserved special animus for the female executives at HBO.

"The female HBO executives were always telling me that guys do not talk the way the way the script is written. They were brutal. After a phone call during filming, I was so demoralized that I had to sit down on the coach," said Ellin.

After a student question, he confessed that Gary Busey was as crazy as he seems.

"Busey told me he was not going to say my words but the meaning," he said. "In other incident, he asked Kevin Connolly at the premiere of the new season, "Did we work on anything together? Connolly answered, "Yes, this."

In real life, Doug Ellin is a prude. He had never seen any of Sasha Grey's movies before she was in Sondbergh's "The Girlfriend Experience." He claims to had to google her. However, he had no problem recounting how he asked Jamie-Lynn Sigler if she would be willing to give Turtle a blow job on the plane.

He stayed late to talk to students, pose for pictures, and sign autographs. He offered to sign SB sneakers for one lucky student. Earlier in the day, he ate a sandwich at Tony Luke's.

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