Saturday, September 22, 2012

Kimmel Center Roof Garden:The New Place to Party

The guests were ready to party: Director of Institutional Communications Rhashidah Perry -Jones, the publisher of Where Magazine Kristina Jenkins, and Dafni Comerota

After a multi-million dollar renovation, the Roof Garden at the Kimmel Center is now open again. It is spectacular. Jose Garces, whose company served as co-sponsor of the evening, has taken over as in-house chef. The talented chef has turned the previously bland menu into a mouth watering delight. Actor Harris Ford, who was part of the Paranoia movie crew that was the first to rent the space, was unfortunately not there.

Words do not do it justice so I will let my pictures of the Roof Garden entice you to see it for yourselves. The video below features a couple dancing to the Latin beat. If I did not have two left feet, I would have danced.

Just before the party began

Nachos Bar: My second favorite bar after the one filled with alcohol.
The food was even tastier than it looks.

We were serenaded as we dined.
One couple could not resist the sexy Latin beat (see below).
I gained 10lbs just looking at this cake. 

The food was to die for.

You can't have a great party without Kimmel Center CEO Ann Ewers and public relations manager Dafni Comerota
Jessica, the pastry chef for all of Garces catering, and Adam, who is the new head chef at the Kimmel Center

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