Sunday, July 22, 2012

Will Smith Regales Hometown Crowds-Video Bonus

Actor Will Smith, son Jaden Smith, and Charles Mac at the American Benefactor  Foundation

Actor Will Smith was back in Philadelphia to attend the American Benefactor Foundation award ceremonies in honor of his longtime associate and good friend of 26 years, Charles "Charlie Mack" Alston. The American Benefactor Foundation was founded by Marla Green DiDio.

Mayor Michael Nutter could not help himself and did a short rap, which Smith pronounced as "perfect" because it was "short and left a little mystery."

Will and Jaden Smith bopping to the rap performance of Yung Poppa, a Charlie Mack protege.  

Jaden Smith, who is a very poised young man, remembered his father's close friend as 'funny". Charlie Mack was his Uncle "But He Do Though." (The video will explain.) 

Will told tales of their misspent youth and Charlie Mack's first hustle. 

"Charlie was always dreaming," said Smith. "When we crossing the bridge to go to a party in Camden, Charlie thought a toll booth would be the perfect hustle."

He poked fun of Charlie for wearing a "teabag" on his trip to Africa and his first meeting with Nelson Mandela.

Will spoke movingly about the Charlie Mack Cares Center as a place where kids can go to feel safe. Will said, "I can tell you from firsthand experience, there are very few people that you will meet in life that care like Charlie Mack cares."

Actor and former NFL player Terry Crews, who is appearing in Aaron Sorkin's "Newsroom" gave a long heartfelt speech  about Charlie Mack,. Here with his wife, Rebecca Crews.

Since the event was held at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University, Zoot was one of the guests of honor

Akim, one of the "I will be Great"student honorees, was dubbed Fresh  Prince Akim by  Will  Smith

Yung Poppa performing

The entrance to the Academy of Natural Sciences

The cake to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Academy

Literally partying with the dinosaurs

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