Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sandra Bernhard Credits Israel Trip with Work Ethic

Sandra Bernhard's cutting edge humor was on display at the Painted Bride in Philadelphia last night. Who knew that Bernhard and Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachman had something in common? Both of them worked on a Kibbutz after high school. The only difference being that Bernhard had lots of family here.
Bernhard credits the Kibbutz with instilling a work ethic in her. She rose at 7 15, 6 days a week to pick fruit, cotton, etc.
University of Arts Professor Camille Paglia and Bernhard used to be good friends. Their friendship ended over Palin. Paglia semi endorsed Palin's brand of feminism during the 2008 elections, which disturbed Bernhard. "This election is too important to even joke about things like that," said Bernhard.


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