Monday, January 3, 2011

Rendell's Beach Boy's concert

Last night, I was rocking at the Beach Boys concert that outgoing Governor Rendell sponsored at the Electric Factory to thank all the people that have supported him through out the years. What a great concert!!!
There were campaign workers, volunteers, and staffers at the event from all over Pennsylvania- Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Lebanon County, and Moosic. Rendell said, "Anyone that had ever worked, volunteered, or donated more than $5 to my campaign was invited." To go along with the Beach Boy theme, the invitations had a beach chair, ball, and umbrella on them.
When the Beach Boys started playing, the pin stripe crowd of bankers and lawyers immediately started dancing. Among those getting down were the Governor, Jesse Rendell, David Cohen, Mayor Nutter, former State Treasurer Robin Weissman, her husband Ken Jarin from the law firm Ballard Spahr, and Duane Morris attorney Alan Kessler. Weissman does a mean funky chicken. Rendell boogied sans jacket, but surrounded by pretty women. Nutter bopped to the music.
The band, which included Mike Love and Bruce Johnston from the original Beach Boys, played all the old favorites such as “Help me, Rhonda and “I Get Around” for almost two hours. The actor John Stamos, currently appearing in the hit television show “Glee,” joined the band on the guitar and drums. For this night only, the Beach Boys sang, “I wish they could all be Pennsylvania Girls.”
Bruce Johnston spoke about meeting then Mayor Rendell when the Beach Boys played a Fourth of July concert on the Parkway. He said, “We were impressed with him then. We are honored to continue to be friends.”
Midway through their performance, Governor Rendell came on stage. He thanked the Beach Boys profusely for tonight and other night 9 years ago. He recalled, “When I was running in the primary for governor, the Beach Boys gave a free concert for the workers in my campaign right here at the Electric Factory a week before the primary. I was down in the polls, but the workers came way from that concert so energized that I won by 12 points.”
He expressed his biggest gratitude for the assembled crowd. “Every politician requires a team. I could not have done it with out you.”
Always the politician, the Governor had to recount his accomplishments. He said, “Pennsylvania is one of only two states that provide health insurance for all their children. 300,000 more seniors have prescription drug coverage than when I took office. Pennsylvania is leading the country in eighth grade reading levels. The EPA rates us the greenest state in the nation.”
The refreshments were a caloric combination of Krispy Kremes and soft pretzels.
Mayor Nutter led the call for an encore. The band obliged with Governor Rendell joining them for the last song, “Fun, Fun, Fun,” with the band.
In case you are wondering, the Governor's favorite Beach Boy hits include "Kokomo" and "Fun, Fun, Fun.”

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